4 Reasons Why Waterproofing Is Important

November 18, 2020

Waterproofing is one of the most critical, yet neglected concerns, because of the less exposure to concrete technology. Most of the time it is considered as an inconvenience rather than a serious matter. But avoiding it will increase the issue and leave your wall damped in a flood giving a hideous look to your home. However, now it is winter season, it is the right time to get waterproofing done to your home.

Another benefit of waterproofing in winter is that the concrete shrinks when it becomes cold, thereby causing any cracks in the concrete to widen. Filling the cracks at their maximum width means that the resins used in crack sealing will not have to stretch. Here are four important reasons why your home needs waterproofing.

Like a tree which does not hurry the flow of its sap and stands at ease in the spring gales without fearing that no summer may follow

Jessica Mcdade

Protects Interiors From Water Damage

The inner part of your home is usually exposed to many unpredictable weather elements like sun rays and rains. This includes walls, floors, the foundation, and even the insulation. How much ever you try to get your walls sealed by using steel, concrete, etc., during the construction, they do crack and get rusted.

Waterproofing your home protects the walls from creating a seepage. It will help prevent water damage from occurring, promoting in your fledgling building a healthy, strong start.

Prevents Onset of Health Problems

When moisture finds its way to enter your walls and ceilings, it leads to build up the growth of mold and mildew. This creates spores, which again lead to many health problems. Spores get projected into the air, and when you breathe in, they will straight away travel to your lungs that can cause health problems. It’s always preferable to have waterproofing done to your home at the right time, to keep you and your family away from such unexpected health problems.

Saves Your Money

Waterproofing your home might While waterproofing your home often makes you feel like a daunting task, the cost of the process also seems like a blow to your budget. But, prevention is always better than cure. It is best to think of it as a long term investment that makes money during the building’s lifetime.

Instead of being taken aback by the costs of waterproofing your home, what you need to keep in mind is to solve not the short term problem, but the long term one.

Promotes Long-Term Comfort

Waterproofing helps to seal a new construction site early which has been found to promote long-term comfort. The measures that are taken, help reducing the moisture in the interior of the building. It makes it more comfortable to live in, while also providing a foundation for further work later on. Thinking about this early can help prevent headaches about the matter later.

Build your houses on stone, not on sand. Build for the future, and you will be better prepared for when the rains come. At Mr. Homecare, we use a Thermal camera to detect the leakage from the walls, fix it by using professional waterproofing methods before the painting job.